Christmas Parties!

Actual Christmas party!

So last week I talked about how Tetsuya’s organization had a Christmas program, and we did a run through. Well this week we actually did the Christmas parties!


They were fun!
The first one we made Graham cracker gingerbread houses! The age range was from 9-12 years old.


But we had a couple of High school students and a a lot of babies.

What happens is that kids get flyers with the event on them and bug their parents to sign them up for it. Then on the day of, one lucky parent( usually the mother) goes with the kid or kids and they do the event. I don’t know if they have to pay for it. It’s probably subsidized because the people here are still suffering form the effects of the Tsunami.

So basically, everyone gets there, and is assigned a table. Each table has all the supplies needed for house making funness!

xmas1-3 (3)

I gave a demonstration on how to make the house with the royal icing. My lovely assistant translates then we let them lose!


Problem- Royal icing was too hard!!!! So we followed the directions to a T. But it was too sticky and was dry by the time it got out of the bag. I don’t know if the air was too dry or if it was too cold in the room but it was just not working. So I spent an hour going from table to table trying to fix individual bags of icing. OMG, I was tired.

Anyway, finally we got the icing to work, on over 40 people and the fun began!


I went from table to table and gave mini English quizes.


Me: I asked what is this?

Child: Candy!

It was super cute but I’m not sure how educational it was.

While there I befriended a Grandma and her grandkid. She drew an amazing picture of me on the board.


She drew that pic of me, on a white board in like 1 minute. It was awesome!


The next Saturday, we made Sweet potato Casserole. There were maybe only 30 people there but we had more help.

xmas2-1 (3)

Tetsuya was also forced to come. lol

xmas2-3 (16)

Again I demonstrated how to make sweet potato casserole, and then we got started.

Step one- prep the sweet potatoes

Step two- while they boil we have an international quiz!

xmas2-1 (30)

I think Tetsuya’s questions were the best- the kids seemed to like them.

I asked if America has Futons- lol trick question! we do have futons but they are essential sleeping mats.

Not exactly what I remember having in College.

Step three- pass the potatoes through a strainer- they wanted them to be extra smooth. This part was the hardest.
Add butter, milk, and sugar.

Picture perfect!

Picture perfect!

Then add marshmellows. Heat it up

xmas2-3 (25)

Then play with Children!


My drawing friends were here again and left me this super cute note!

That’s the end of Christmas time!


One thought on “Christmas Parties!

  1. Dear Kyari Sensei:
    I love reading your blogs and seeing you and Tetsuya so happy. We missed you during Christmas but it’s nice to know you shared the holiday with so many wonderful people. The little artist who drew your picture is very good! I know your folks are excited to see you in a few short months and I hope to make the trip to magical, mysterious Japan one day myself. Take care of each other and keep on blogging! Sending you much love and praying for many blessings upon your household…Aunt Maryann


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