Not many people know this but one of my favorite Japanese foods is a dessert item called Dango.

It is a little sweetened ball of rice dough
usually covered in a sticky sweet sauce.

The brownish one is the most common made from….
The purple is made from mashed red beans
It is very sticky and can be a chocking hazard if you aren’t careful. My favorite one is the grilled kind. Yummy!
This week I was invited to a JOCA event to make Kamadango. A local treat, to be prepared by elementary school students.

I hope you are ready for the cuteness!


Home made hackisacks!

I had to wake up early- like 8am. Ohh the horror! and then a coworker of Tetusya’s picked me up and we went to a small town called: hacimento???? We used their expertise and their community center.

We set up everything and in came the bus. Big bus!


Then we divided up into groups based on families. I was the partner of a little girl Maria. It was really adorable trying to talk in Japanese with her. Apparently some Western names have been adopted by the Japanese. Erica  is the one I have heard about, Maria is apparently catching on.


I am convinced that all children are just born adorable.
First we had to create a carrying case for our finished hot kamadango. I guess the traditional carrying case is made from bamboo.


Because we cut a bamboo stick in half. I could see this going horribly wrong. You take a knife and you hit it with a mallet.


The kids loved it!
Then we went inside.

Boys can cook too! Everyone  wears an apron and a handkerchief for food hygiene.

Boys can cook too! Everyone wears an apron and a handkerchief for food hygiene.

To make kamadango you pour rice flour into your bowl and slowly add hot water. Then you knead it till the bowl is almost clean.


Let me tell you this makes a thick dough. Its almost gummy. I wish we could add some butter. =)

Shape the dough into a ball then make it a flat round with a small indentation for the filling. Which I believe is made out of
Walnut pieces, Deep brown sugar(perhaps Okinawan Black sugar) and miso or shoyu. It creates a wonderful filling.


Then you boil them!!! We put the dango in the cut bamboo and gave it to the nice ladies to drop into the boiling water.

Boiling the Dango

Boiling the Dango

Wrapped the finished dango in plastic in the bamboo
and sat down to have some tea!

One of the coordinators I believe is a farmer and he gave everyone a free Daikon. We had some leftover, and some nappa cabbage,


so I got to bring mulple ones home! Check out my cache of winter veggies!


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