Kamishi! Home sweet home

So we headed up to Kamishi City late Monday. And I officially got into my house Tuesday. Its very small, but manageable. Comes complete with a large mini fridge and a washer! But no dryer, everyone hang dries here. And no bed- its sleep on the floor time!


That’s the kitchen, that’s it. Sink, 2 burner stove and fridge. lol.

Basically my schedule is this. Go with Tetsuya to work in the afternoon, chill there while studying and shopping and walking. Then we go home and get some dinner form the grocery store after hours.

My job is really more free lance. But pays really well. I tried out a practice class on Saturday. Basically there is an English teacher who is in charge and I am the helper. I don’t work very often but when I do I get $60 a pop! But I hear I might get an English conversation class. =)

Here’s to part time work!

But really I don’t have much expenses except food.


omg food

We are enjoying badminton, swimming, and bicycling through the country side.

Bento lunch after badminton.

Bento lunch after badminton.


Bento lunch after a hard day’s ride. Are you sensing a trend yet?

Japanese countryside is awesome! Full of small farmers and flowers. They apparently don’t do large corporation farming here. Which makes me wonder why the USA does.

So local farmers have shacks and they leave their goods out with price tags, and you can just walk up/ drive up/ cycle up, and pick what you want and drop the cash in a bin.

The "farmer's market"

The “farmer’s market”


Exact change only please! Its all honor system. Which is awesome.


Kamaishi City is known for its smelting, they have a lot of iron works around down town.


It also is a port city. After the Tsunami a lot of people left, but they are trying to redevelop  the town. And now they have a mall! Which I love. It makes adjustment easier to know that there is a giant windowless commercial hub that I can just walk around in. I go there almost everyday because it has AC, its pretty, and there’s a grocery store.




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