Tokyo part 1

Made it to Japan! The flight wasn’t so terrible. Packing was probably the most stressful. What do you bring when you are going to be living somewhere for 9 months? Two years was easier because you can bring some long term stuff. But 9 months is an odd time. So I just stuffed what I could and made it at 80 pounds! 

The worst thing that happened was that at Laguradia you have to switch terminals by leaving the airport and have to go through security again. Which sucks because I had a full water bottle. But did I throw it away? NOPE! I don’t play that game, I chugged that baby right before the xray!

The plane actually landed an hour early so it was nice to start the day off right at 4pm. I landed in Narita so we had an hour long train ride to Tokyo.

Fresh off the plane! Enjoying the Tokyo Humidity. Feels like home.

Fresh off the plane! Enjoying the Tokyo Humidity. Feels like home.

After we settled down it was off to the Onsen (Hot spring). There is one super close by. They actually aren’t very expensive. And if you can get over the whole nudity thing, its close to heaven.  

Thursday we walked around…. A lot. After only maybe doing 4 miles max a day in NC(usually barely a mile) , we are walking almost 10 miles. My feet are killing me! But we are rewarded with AMAZING FOOD. No really everything here tastes good. Its like magic. For example:



That’s nan, a giant plate of nan at an Indian restaurant we must have walked 3 miles to get to. The food was actually rather spicy too. Apparently its a Japanese thing where instead of paying $5 for a small slice of nan like in USA you either choose rice or nan to go with your meal. Ahh the benefits of being a couple- we can get both. Then we had dinner with friends. We tried to go to an outdoor cafe but instead met with the thunderstorm of the century! So we relocated to a Frenchy place and had appetizers.

Friday was hectic fun! We went to the Tsukiji fish market- not for the 6am tuna auction, just for breakfast. We had to wait like 20 minutes to get in, and it was mostly tourists. Sit down get your hot tea and miso soup and try to watch the chefs do their thing from the reflection in the backsplash. 

Lining up to get into a popular eatery.

Lining up to get into a popular eatery.


Scallop and tuna rice bowl, yes all raw


Maguro (tuna belly) sushi


This is my, someone just threw fish water all over my shoes look.

Afterwards we did more my thing and went to a super nice garden. More on that later. 


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